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Here's what satisfied sellers have had to say about us


"I Felt vulnerable about selling privately; Worried there would be a legal snag or I could be scammed... From the time I spoke with Alex over the phone, to meeting him and after the end of the sale, he was consistent and knowledgeable. he helped us out tremendously. he was focused on a solution that was fair for all parties, was transparent and did what he said he would do... definitely recommend Treetop Realty to Anyone selling privately."

- Elizabeth Dill 6/5/2021


new market, ontario 




"I was motivated for a change. my health, my situation, my place... wasn't satisfactory. I didn't want to sell with realtors because of the headache. I was willing to sacrifice top dollar to relieve the headache.

I worked with Alex instead of other buyers because he was easy. Clear and Concise. He offered peace of mind and efficiency. The others were wishy washy, muddled... you were definitely more trustworthy; punctual, efficient, and you did what you said. Everything that was on paper was done."

- Brian B. Downie 14/03/2024 

Barrie, ontario



"My realtor friend told me i would have to clean my house to sell. I was anxious but [Alex] helped me with debtors... he purchased and closed on the date i needed. No open house, neighbours didn't know, no circus, no process... thank you again for a great experience! Big hug."

- Maria Iglio 23/11/2019

Toronto, Ontario



"I feel like I have a chance to start over... Alex did a good job. Thank you so much for being the person you are and having integrity. it's rare in this world."

- Phoenix Kris Quesnelle 2/8/2023

Orillia, ON


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