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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions?

No worries! Below are some of the most popular questions. If you don't see your question addressed, we would love to hear from you: 


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How does selling privately work?

Our Simple 4 Step process 

1) Contact: call us and tell us about your property 

2) Visit: If it sounds like selling to us is better for you than listing, then we will schedule a visit to the property
3) Agreement: Alex or one of our representatives will present you with an agreement of Purchase and sale which You are under no obligation to sign

4) Deposit: Once an agreement has been made, a deposit will be paid to a lawyer in trust and the countdown to freedom from your problem property begins!

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What is a cash/private property buyer?

   A "Private Buyer" is someone who buys property directly from a seller without "the middleman" or a real estate broker. They make their own agreement of purchase and sale and offer it directly to a seller or a seller's lawyer. 

   A "cash buyer" is a private buyer who does not require a financing clause. Cash Buyers have "cash to close" on a property they have made an offer on. This means that the seller can rest assured that the buyer already has money ready to close on time. Sometimes this can also mean that a cash buyer can help with a seller's debt payments and/or moving costs if necessary. 

   A cash buyer is not someone carrying a briefcase filled with cash. Instead, once an agreement is made, the cash buyer pays a deposit to be held "in trust" by a lawyer. On closing day, the cash buyer provides the remaining purchase costs digitally, in a transaction managed by lawyers.

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Do you pay what my property is worth?

   Many sellers tell us that they will sell "for the right price" or ask us to evaluate their property's worth.

We are not realtors.

We are not appraisers.

We are private cash buyers.


   In our experience, a property is worth whatever is offered in a contract and backed by a deposit, at the time that it is needed. If you do not know the price you would like to sell for, then we encourage you to speak with a professional appraiser before speaking with us.

   Many times, the highest and best price comes from a bidding war on a property listed with a realtor. If listing is not an option and you need to be sure that your property will be sold, then we would be delighted to make a fair cash offer.

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My place is a mess or I have problem tenants, will you still make an offer?

   We buy problem properties routinely. No mess is too messy, no repair needed that is unrepairable. We've seen it all, big and small.

   Problem tenants range from difficult to dangerous. all that you are required to do is provide the tenant with 24 hours notice of our showing time. We will try our best to visit the unit and if they refuse or make threats, we can make an offer unseen if the numbers work.

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