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"I'm thinking of selling my house without a realtor..."

Get my fair cash offer

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Our Story

Start By Helping a Neighbour

   Alex Kouramanis bought his first property with his wife Emma in 2013. As fate would have it, an elderly neighbour reached out about a problem: he owned land that flooded seasonly and cost him monthly in property taxes. The solution? Alex bought the land privately and sold to an engineer equipped to solve the flooding problem. This would be the first of many problem properties in Ontario that Alex would help sellers with.

Helping House Sellers Full Time

   In 2018, Alex established Treetop Realty Inc. becoming one of the best known names as a private cash buyer in Ontario, marketing to sellers with his “I Buy Houses!!” letter campaign. His passion for real estate and helping others make him a welcomed presence to homeowners in need of timely solutions like: power of sale, properties in disrepair, problem tenant rental properties, inherited properties, probate issues, divorce, tax liens, relocation, title problems, and more!

Helping House Buyers Online

   Alex is also an accredited and internationally acclaimed online educator in Real State Investment, Personal Finance and Negotiation through the platforms:



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